Professional Experience

Apple, Inc,
Cupertino, CA June 2014 – Present

Kernel Engineering Manager, Core OS (2015-present)
Kernel Engineer, Core OS (2014-2015)
Responsibilities include:
  • Managing a team of kernel engineers focused on hardware agnostic technologies, e.g., scheduling and IPC
  • Maintaining, Improving, and Evolving the OS kernel at the heart of iOS and OS X

Columbia University,
New York, NY August 2010 – May 2014

PhD Candidate, Computer Science Department
Achievements include:
  • Designed and implemented a binary compatibility solution that ran unmodified iOS apps on an Android device.
  • Designed and implemented a smartphone virtualization architecture for Android.
  • Reviewed paper submissions for VEE 2012, Eurosys 2012, and ASPOLOS 2012
  • Contributed “world switch” ARM assembly to KVM for ARM project which efficiently
    saved and restored CPU state when switching between host and guest execution.

Columbia University,
New York, NY August 2010 – December 2010

Teaching Assistant, Operating Systems (COMS W4118)
Achievements include:
  • Designed and solved homework assignments involving modifications to both the kernel and the user space of the Android platform.
  • Assignments included process tree investigation, novel kernel synchronization mechanism based on device orientation, Linux scheduler modification, and virtual memory subsystem investigation.
  • Provided students with a Debian Linux based VMware virtual appliance which had ARM cross-compiling tools, the Android SDK, source code management software, and all other tools required for the course.
  • Compiled a custom Android SDK distribution which included a modified QEMU (to support sensor emulation for parallel device/emulator development), customized boot sequence / init program, and custom kernel.
  • Created and maintained git repositories for all student homework submissions using gitosis, and a set of custom management shell scripts.
  • Supported students course work using a class bulletin board and regular office hours.

Gentex Corporation,
Zeeland, MI, June 2003 – August 2010

Senior Electronics Research Engineer, Advanced Technology Department
Achievements include:
  • Participated in the design of several CMOS image sensors.
  • Innovated and co-designed digital control logic for a custom HDR CMOS image sensor.
  • Designed and optimized a custom HDR visualization algorithm for the display of image data from a
    custom HDR CMOS image sensor.
  • Architected the embedded framework for a vehicle high beam control system which used a custom HDR
    CMOS image sensor.
  • Implemented a custom Bayer demosaicing algorithm in C.
  • Designed, tested and maintained an FPGA-based embedded system used as a frame-grabber for several custom image sensors.
  • Designed, tested and maintained cross-platform data acquisition / storage / visualization software suite
    supporting advanced product development.
  • Designed advanced production test / control software for wafer-level testing of custom image sensors.
  • Created, developed, and tested a proprietary serial communication protocol and PCI-based
    implementation to facilitate advanced tester applications.
  • Ported and maintained Linux/BSD/OSX versions of company-wide software libraries for internal cross-
    platform software development.
  • Developed Linux kernel drivers and control software for both custom and off-the-shelf image sensors.

Solidus Design,
Grand Rapids, MI, January 2002 – May 2003

Web Programmer
Achievements include:
  • Created e-commerce solutions for customers using PHP, Perl, PostgreSQL and Apache.
  • Maintained existing e-commerce infrastructure.
  • Interfaced with both designers and customers to determine design requirements and feasibility within a negotiated schedule.

Electrical Engineering Department, Calvin College,
Grand Rapids, MI

Senior Design Project, September 2002 – May 2003
Project Details / Achievements include:
  • A PCI card encapsulating an embedded system running the Linux operating system that transparently filtered network traffic and appeared to the host machine as a standard network interface card.
  • Developed a project schedule including work/task distribution.
  • Designed / fabricated / Debugged the PCI Card.
  • Ported the colilo bootloader to the MCF5249 and re-contributed the code to the OpenSource project.

Electrical Engineering Department, Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI

Research Assistant, May 2002 – August 2002
Achievements include:
  • Developed a network monitoring system for a Beowulf Cluster.
  • Designed / developed a PCI card to implement the network monitoring system.
  • Wrote a custom netfilter hook / PCI driver in the Linux kernel to facilitate
    hardware-based network traffic monitoring.
  • Presented the PCI card monitoring system design at the 13th Annual Argonne Symposium
    for Undergraduates in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

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