US Patents

  • US Patent 7405650, Device with Improved Serial Communication
  • US Patent 7920601, Vehicular communications system having improved serial communication
  • US Patent 8144223, Imaging Device
  • US Patent 8289430, High dynamic range imaging device
  • US Patent 8305471, High dynamic range imaging device
  • US Patent 8378284, Imaging device
  • US Patent 8456327, Automatic vehicle equipment monitoring, warning, and control system
  • US Patent 8463035, Digital image processing for calculating a missing color value
  • US Patent 8577169, Digital image processing and systems incorporating the same
  • US Patent 8587706, Imaging Device
  • US Patent 8629927, Imaging Device
  • US Patent 8890985, Imaging Device
  • US Patent 9465734, Coalition based memory management

US Patent Applications


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