Jeremy C. Andrus

Kernel Engineering Manager, Apple


Research Interests:

Operating Systems, Mobile/Embedded Computing, Virtualization, CMOS image sensing


Selected Skill Set:

  • Expert in kernel programming (Linux, XNU)
  • Expert in Android OS internals (build system, Linux kernel)
  • Expert in CMOS image sensor design, characterization, verification and bring-up
  • Expert in C/C++ including STL, threading, and networking (Berkeley sockets, lwIP, low-level Ethernet)
  • Expert GNU/Linux and Apple OSX operating systems for programming and systems administration
  • Expert in shell-scripting, GNU Makefiles
  • Proficient in cross-platform Qt C/C++ GUI API
  • Proficient in Objective-C and iPhone SDK development
  • Proficient in basic image processing algorithms and GPGPU techniques
  • Proficient in Perl, HTML, PHP
  • Proficient in basic logic design / simulation using Verilog HDL and schematic entry





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