My full name is Jeremy Christian Andrus, and I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. I moved (along with my family) to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1991 where I spent the next 19 years. In 2010 I moved my family to New York City where I completed a PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University. After a few years in the Bay Area, we now live in the Pacific Northwest where I am employed by Apple.



I was employed as an Electronics Research Engineer at Gentex Corporation for seven years, and during that time was able to visit lots of cool places, work on lots of cool things, and publish several patent applications.



I met my wife, Amanda, in undergrad and in 2003, after four years of dating, we were married in Wheaton, IL. I am a professing Christian and hold the Apostle’s Creed to be an excellent summary of my core beliefs.

The Rest


Some other hobbies include (but are not limited to): Photography, Computers and Computer networking, Embedded Systems. I am an historical fan, user and hacker of the Linux operating system, especially as packaged by Patrick Volkerding. Recently, I have become a bigger fan of the XNU kernel – the heart of the world’s most advanced operating systems :-).


For hysterical purposes, I reluctantly allow you to see this.

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